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This scripture symbolizes Tommy Jefferson Calhoun's life. Ministerial visionary, trailblazer, altruistic and spiritual shepherd, T. J. Calhoun began fulfilling his call to the ministry in 1957. In 1967, he found Miracle Temple Church of Deliverance. It was a small beginning, in a small Mississippi rural town, pastoring to a small congregation -10-members strong.

To this day, the ministry continues to extol the virtues of debt-freedom, trusting God to initiate and complete new projects without the added burden of debt. Miracle Temple is a thriving church with two locations. The church remains a model that ministries all over the country continue to emulate. It is a testament to the miracle-working power of God, when you trust Him as your source.

When one looks at the evidence, one has to wonder how the Reverend T. J. Calhoun, born in Brandon, Mississippi on December 21, 1929, to George and Francis Calhoun overcame poverty and despair. T. J. Calhoun's success is the results of his dedication, commitment, determination, and sheer 'faith' in God's Word. In other words, he paid a very high price for today's triumph.

For more than forty (40) years, he has preached God's Word, without compromise. When others have felt a need to "sugar coat" the gospel, he has maintained his convictions. T. J. Calhoun has never wavered his principles. Today, he tenaciously maintains that same strict stance.

His religious journey began in the early 60's when God led him to move back South from Robbins, Illinois. He walked away from the big city, with bright lights and a great job, with a bright career future at the time. He was the sole provider of a wife and seven small children. He walked out by faith. As aforementioned, his first move was back home to Brandon, Mississippi. Not having a church, he started preaching, by going from house to house. Within a very short time, God blessed him with enough money to purchase a tent.

Placing the tent on his daddy's land, he began holding regular services and running revivals. Word spread quickly throughout the area regarding the young, charismatic preacher. The invites started pouring in. Then criticism began. "His teachings are too strict." "He is too Bible oriented." "He wants people to change." "He's talking about you can live better and have much more. Doesn't he know this is Mississippi?" It was said that if he were to become successful in Mississippi, he would have to go along to get along; he would have to tone down his teaching. He refused. He followed God's Word to the letter! These were those who had problems with his teachings. And soon, he was an outsider.

Hence T. J. Calhoun branched out. The word spread. Soon he began preaching in communities throughout the southern region. God moved with signs and wonders. Yet times were sometimes extremely difficult. The obstacles were overwhelming, but Reverend T.J. Calhoun prevailed against the odds. After many years, he is now enjoying the harvest. He continues to spread the seed throughout the surrounding communities. T. J. Calhoun is a graduate of WW Grant Bible College and has been ordained as a minister for almost fifty (50) years and received his Doctor of Divinity from New Thought Seminary.
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